Design The Library Management System

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Davidson design was invited to design the Library Management System, to include an evaluation of the processes towards improving the quality of the management software. The software will reflect all the requirements defined by the customer, documented in the included requirements documents. Further, included is an examination and evaluation of potential software development models for identification of those best suited to develop the software. Finally, an explanation of the testing plan utilized in testing the functionality of the system is included. Process Improvement The Library Management System (LMS) must allow performance of all necessary procedures for librarians and patrons. According to customer requirements, the software to be developed must consist of three databases: • Item’s database (books, journals, magazines, newspapers, diploma thesis, etc) • Patron’s database • a small Access-based database with information about digital items, that College has (software, music) integrated with Item’s database The LMS must provide all necessary services for databases such as creating, deleting, updating and searching information. Patrons need to easily access to the web-based library site through the Internet or through the library’s LAN-connected computers, scattered throughout the library for sending request, receiving information about the status of books, or renewing them. The design of product interface to be developed will be supported by Microsoft IE,
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