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DESIGN THINKING Summative Assignment DSM5A1 – Graeme Campbell Lorenzo Robuschi S00607430 05/12/2014 Define the Concept of Design Thinking Design Thinking The global corporate world is engaged in the continuous process of searching for ways in which it can improve its performance. As businesses become more and more competitive with each other, employers and business managers have to continually seek ways by means of which they can improve their performance and develop competitive strategies and edges in order to clinch leading positions. Among the myriad of strategies sought for this purpose is that of design thinking. Design thinking can be defined as a process by which businesses empathize with the…show more content…
Create and Consider Multiple Options The second stage in the process is to create and consider available options to the solution of the problem. Teams and business leaders are likely to fall into the trap of tackling certain issues in the same manner all the time, ignoring other viable ways that could provide better opportunities for the same. Effective design thinking in a business situation, however, requires that no matter how simple and similar a problem may seem to the previous one, the leader seeks many options to consider before deciding on the most appropriate alternative. Besides, the leader should present these options in a manner that would allow for them to be judged equally without being biased towards some. Indeed, this can be achieved by looking at the problem from a multi-dimensional perspective. For instance, rather than giving preference to one individual working on a problem for five days, it would be effective if five individuals worked on the problem for one day. [pic] Figure 3:Tthe Magic of Design Thinking ( Like magic, design thinking works to offer solutions that no one envisioned. Refine the Selected Options The third stage is to refine the selected options and directions for problem solving. The solutions identified should be developed and nurtured

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