Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

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Apple Case Assignment Abstract The purpose of this assignment is to access the “Apple way” and understand the source of their systematic innovation and the way to sustain it. The major source of innovation is design thinking, which is also discussed based on Apple case. Finally, Steve Jobs is compared to other major industry player, Bill Gates, in order to understand their major difference and compare their success stories. Is there a systematic approach to Innovation at Apple? How would you characterize it? List at least 3 examples from the case. 1. From the start Apple has been extremely systematic in its approach to innovation. Fine products do not materialize out of thin air; they are a direct result of creative thinking…show more content…
Roll out the new product and sit back while each buyer of the first product rushes to purchase the new version. Sales are generated not only by the product improvements but also by the company’s smart use of generational psychology (“gotta have the latest!”) and a relentless public relations campaigns culminating in the slick invitation-only rollout featuring Mr. Jobs himself. This system, while not revolutionary (“marginal improvement system” was discovered by automobile industry 60 years ago), results in steady products improvements coupling each relatively minor enhancement with high revenues nearly as strong as the original product’s ones. Systematic innovation is also demonstrated in “design sense” - Apple’s tendency to design what seems simple and intuitive to the consumer. The introduction of the iPod Mini, which would not have been supported by classic marketing principles, is an excellent example of this. Apple bet that the public would purchase the sleeker, flashier, more compact version of its iPod even though the small size meant sacrificing the amount of music that could be stored. They based this assumption on the fact that consumers crave first and foremost simplicity and functionality. The Mini was a tremendous success and not only because of its reduced size, but also due to its myriad of colors. “Design sense” allowed Apple to produce a lighter more portable product with enhanced aesthetic qualities, while sacrificing something that turned out not to be
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