Design Your Own Health Care Organization Essay examples

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Design Your Own Healthcare Organization The design of an organization is a “formal, guided process for integrating the people, information, and technology of an organization” (Glickman et al., 2007). A good organizational design increases the likelihood that an organization will succeed; that its’ values will be realized and its mission will be attained. An organization begins with a strategy or a purpose, is followed by its philosophy or values, then identifies the mission and finally evaluates the environment and its’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization (Kelly & Crawford, 2008). I have been given the opportunity to create a new healthcare facility, and I have chosen to…show more content…
Anderson (2012) suggests leaders acquire power and focus on empowering others, as well as motivating and inspiring others. Leaders are influential, sincere, and take risks. Managers are given a formal role and are assigned specific duties with definite responsibilities. Managers plan, organize, coordinate, and control (Kelly & Crawford, 2008). Clearly there is a significant amount of overlap between leaders and managers. In order to effectively lead and manage this new facility, it is my ambition to incorporate the best characteristics of both. Effective application of both skill sets may assist me to provide a balanced and productive work environment. For my new role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ACPT, I will have to use and develop characteristics which will allow me to be an effective leader and manager. Some of the characteristics which I already possess include: a) integrity, b) good communication skills, c) adaptability, d) team-player, e) form good relationships and get along well with others. Skills I would have to develop would include decision-making, delegating, and strategizing. One characteristic I will be looking to develop is learning how to delegate successfully. I place a lot of pressure on myself and often feel I am the only one capable of doing the work. I do not feel threatened by others, but rather feel
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