Design a Juvenile Correctional Facility Essay

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Design a Juvenile Correctional Facility Building a juvenile facility is not an easy job. Juvenile facility is a place for youth criminals who have committed some type of crime to do correction. If I can get a chance to design how a juvenile correctional facility looks like and how it operates. I would like to create a juvenile facility for female. There are few factor we need to consider in making the decision to build a new jail. First, we should advocate human sympathy, a juvenile facility or a jail doesn’t’ have to be old, dirty, without design or full of hopeless atmosphere. A juvenile facility is suppose to encourage those criminals to correct, face their problem, re-enter the community, and created success in life. In the 20th…show more content…
Even though "new generation" jail concepts have gained wide acceptance among informed professionals, there are many law enforcement, jail, and county officials who have not had the benefit of being in the communication channel on reforms in jail design.” Firstly, the juvenile facility will be located up the hills which is more space, the color of the outside of the architect should be a bright color, such as orange. There should be some community place such as basketball court, gymnasium, music theatre, library, park include in the juvenile facility. As it is a juvenile facility for youth, we should not be too strict for them. While the criminals have leisure time, they can still enjoy doing things that they like and let them relax a bit and won’t get too much pressure. Each Criminal have their own room and they have their privacy too. Inside their room, the wall is painted in green color, there is a queen size bed on the right hand side. Under the bed, there are few drawers that allow the criminals to put their personal belonging. At the wall above the bed, there is an emergency button for them to contact outside if they need any help when there’s emergency happen. There is a desk and chair beside the bed. In front of the desk, there are a big window with curtains. Through the window, it is gorgeous scenery. A carpet is placed on the center of the floor in the room. There are both bathroom and
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