Design and Art by Alex Coles Essay

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In this text, three essays extracted from the compilation “Design and Art” by Alex Coles, are being analyzed or commented. This three essays seek to explain a clear definition of the word design and then proceed to relate/separate design, giving details about the function and goals of design and determining the motto and characteristics of art.
What is design? (Vilem Flusser, 1993)
According to Charles Eames, design is the arrangement of elements, which accomplish a particular purpose.
Design is an expression of purpose, which could be later judged as art. Design is not a craft for industrial purposes, though it might be a solution to industrial problems. Its boundaries are defined by the boundaries of the problems which is addressing. Design does not concerns itself with only one part of the environment and it is not a method of general expression, it is a method of action. Design is often a creation of a group, because designers must always admit the influence of those who have gone before.
Design implies the idea of products that are useful, though the use might be very subtle. Some designs are manufactures industrially and some do not, it depends on the nature of the design and the requirements.
Design depends on constraints, a sum of constraints. A good designer is willing and enthusiastic to work with this constraints. Some needs are ephemeral so are some designs. Only those designs that have a more universal quality will tend towards permanence, since design…