Design and Construction of a 500 Watt Power Invereter

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DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 500 WATT POWER INVERETER BY NAME HERE REGISTRATION NUMBERE HERE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING FACULTY OF ENGINEERING CROSS RIVER UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY CALABAR CROSS RIVER STATE, NIGERIA. TABLE OF CONTENT Abstract The urgent need for an alternative source of power supply to meet the power requirement of the Average home in Nigerian, particularly during times of total blackout, forms the basis for which the development of this cost-effective, reliable and tropicalised Power Inverters was undertaken. The developed Inverter is required to provide a 500VA of an alternating current (AC) output power at a frequency of 50Hz from a 12V direct current (DC) battery source.…show more content…
During this warning period, one can save the data and switch off the computer safely. But during the low-battery indication, if the computer or load is not switched off, it remains on back-up mode. After the end of back-up time, system switches off automatically, due to activation of battery’s deep discharge cut-out circuit, which reduces the power consumption from the battery to a negligible value of about 90mA. Fig1.0 block diagram for the propose 500VA power inverter 1.2 SCOPE OF THE WORK The scope of this project is to Designed and constructs a prototype that can be used in powering any electrical appliance that required mains voltage from 220v to 240v. The project is limited to a 500VA power inverter, how it work, and its applications. The inverter will incorporate a battery charger an automatic change over that will enable auto back up within 1ms on the event or occurrence of power cut. 1.3 OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to develop a realizable inverter design that would be reliable, cost effective, efficient, and maintainable. The inverter is to be powered from a 12Vdc/40Ah battery source and it is to generate a 220VAC/50Hz with a power rating 500VA. Other objectives of the study include: i) The Development of an inverter with the desired frequency and voltage rating capable of providing the power requirement needed to

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