Design and Cost of Soil Nailing in Roadways in Malaysia

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL Down slope soil erosion usually happens when there is displacement of soil by the agents of wind, water or others. The soil is being washed away and gives the ill-effect to buildings, structures or other livings in the surrounding. Soil nailing which can be categorised as reinforced soil walls can prevent the down slope soil erosion. Soil nailing is one of slope stabilisation techniques in soil by installing “nails” into a slope or excavation as construction proceeds from “top down”. Soil nailing has developed as a means of providing temporary support during construction, as permanent retaining structures and walls and also as slope repairs. The technique has been proved to be very…show more content…
This will include the designs used, method of construction and cost involved in the erection of each design of soil nailing. 1.6 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the methodology used in the preparation of this research is: a) Primary data The collection of the main data was done through a survey and research supporting samples through: i. Interviews with the relevant parties and expertise in construction industry like contractors, engineers, suppliers and surveyors that involved in the construction of soil nailing in Malaysia. ii. Case studies at several retaining wall projects in Malaysia’s roadways using soil nailing technology to make comparisons between them. b) Secondary data This study has been done with help from the data collected through references and literature review of various sources: i. Journals ii. Reference books iii. Resource from internet iv. Articles from magazines and newspapers v. Thesis or dissertation vi. Pamphlets The flowchart of the research methodology is shown in Figure 1.1. Figure 1.1: Flowchart of Research Methodology 1.7 TENTATIVE CHAPTER HEADINGS Chapter 1 : Introduction This chapter contains of the introduction of this research. This will include the definition, aim, scope, problem statement,

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