Design and Implementation of Wifi Hotspot

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Sayed Kamrul Hasan 3240725 Eldwins Gerald Kayanja 3240726 Advanced Diploma of Telecommunication Engineering School of Engineering, TAFE | Design and Implementation of Wifi Hotspot | | Final Project Report | RMIT University October 25, 2010 Supervised by: Sayed Kamrul Hasan 1. Abstract With the growing popularity of wireless internet and intranet technology, Wifi-Hotspot is a common buzz word in the telecommunication engineering environment. The features and options that wireless hotspot offers it has became one of the most popular internet connectivity solution and the best choice for internet user on the move. Restaurants, cafés, Railway platforms, Airports, Hotel-motel, resort, park, wherever there are…show more content…
Ranging from only free access option to overpriced hotspot in a box option. Then we talked about the location of our project in next chapter. We considered a number of locations that we can implement our project and we explained our reason the location we chose. In chapter 8 we talked about all the necessary equipment we need for the project, and the reason. Chapter 9 deals with the design and physical setup of the network, where the next chapter we discussed the issues of configuring routers, our access point. Cpahter 11 and 12 is detailed and visual aided step by step configuration of the ZoneCD and PublicIP respectively. In the following chapter we tested for the accuracy and effectiveness of our project. We concluded our project with personal thought and opinion in the 14th chapter. 6. Finding the right solution for the Hotspot There is a good number of options to choose from while implementing the hotspot based on all the needs. Some of the options are free or can be implemented with very low budget. Other option let the Service provide to be a subscriber to a a internet server to operate the hotspot. The most expensive option is buying router with inbuilt hotspot service (Hotspot-in-a-box). Some of the most popular, reasonable hotspot execution are cited below. Free Access When the Hotspot service provider wants anyone to connect to the network without any authentication process, Simple Free Access might be

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