Design and Implementation of a Network Based Security Information System

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A NETWORK BASED SECURITY INFORMATION SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover page Title page Certification Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of contents 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Security information 2. Objectives 3. Justification CHAPTER TWO 2. Security concept 2.1 Definition of security 2. Security threats 3. Security & Information CHAPTER THREE 3. Description of the exiting security information system 3.1 Organizational structure 2. Fact finding method 3. Objective of the existing system 4. Programs of the existing system 5. Equipment of the existing system 6. Forms CHAPTER FOUR 4. Design of the network-based security information system 4.1 Method of data…show more content…
CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2. SECURITY CONCEPT Security is defined in many ways due to the many contexts of its existence. In other words, security generally has to do with protection. It might be protection from undue access. Some attributes security to safe guiding from that, which may or may not lead to destruction. It might also be interesting to understand that security has to do with protection of the environment. It also has to do with valuables; this means that anything has to be secured must have value. Things of less importance to humanity and therefore anything that pose threat to life must also be prevented. Security is a very important issue in any organizations (system), no wonder VINCENT .E. ASOR in his seminar presentation at the Nigerian computer society’s conference of 2002 stated that an organization with 98 percent security is actually 100 percent insecure. This means that adequate security must be in place for a smooth running of an organizational affair or a system. The police, who is the case study organization here defined security in the police training manual as the protection of lives and property coupled with the maintenance of law and order in a society. 2.1 SECURITY THREATS They are criminal acts, which have a particular harmful effects on
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