Design for Riordan Manufacturing

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Design for Riordan Manufacturing
Steve Wernick

Introduction Riordan Manufacturing is a global leader in plastics manufacturing who employees hundreds of people. Riordan manufactures plastic bottles, medical stents, fans, heart valves, and they custom order plastics. In maintaining their competitiveness, they utilize the Six Sigma methodology and are focused on long-term relationships with their customers as well as their suppliers while achieving financial growth. In this paper, we will discuss the current state of operations at Riordan and define the process for custom plastic pieces at their facility located in Michigan. Finally, we will recommend some metrics that should provide improvements to their process.
Process for Custom
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The supplies consist of ink, coloring dyes, solvent cleaners, lubricating oils, mold release agents, and of course, electricity. They mention that they do not have the same supply chain problems that other plants have.
Recommend appropriate metrics that would provide a basis for process improvement Metrics are measurements that can be used to communicate values and priorities for the organization. Some of the metrics that we are examining for Riordan manufacturing include process capability, total cycle time, turnover rate, and review of their supply chain. Riordan uses the Six Sigma methodology as part of the lean manufacturing process.
One recommendation is that Riordan should update their information systems to improve on documentation of customer needs assessment. This will help to shape products and solutions that will fit their customer needs. It also can help to improve communication within the supply chain between participants as they are a global operation and perhaps cut costs in the area of carrier costs. Implementation of the JIT can help manufacturers to purchase and receive supplies just before they are needed. Thus it can reduce inventory storage costs for Riordan.
A second recommendation is that Riordan purchase new manufacturing equipment
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