Design of Guide Way /Slide Ways

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- The guide ways of a machine tool ensure that the machine tool operative element (e.g. saddle, cross slide, etc.) carrying the cutting tool, ( or job), move along a predetermines path which may be a straight line (path0 as in lathe and drilling machines or a circular path as in a vertical torrent lathes.
- Guide ways with sliding friction are known as slide ways
- Guide ways with rolling friction are known as anti frication ways
- Slide ways are either attached on the top of the bed or they are an integral part of the bed. Slide ways guide the movement of the slide. The slide is mounted on the sideways, sometimes, just as the railway train (I.e. slide) is one the rails (i.e. slid ways)
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they are simpler in construction
b. their geometric feature can be checked easily
c. they provide large bearing area to the slides
d. for adjusting clearance a gab strip my be required
e. They tend to accumulate dirt.
f. In case of an encompassed type slide way, it is difficult to retina the lubricating oil
- ii. Characterizes of Vee type slide ways
a. They are self adjusting. Gravity action keeps the mating surface in contact with each other. Therefore, play if any is automatically eliminated under the action of load. For this reason, the influence of wear on accuracy of job done is little
b. they are comparatively more difficult to manufacture that the flat slide ways
c. wedging action due to cross winding is prevented
d. The encompassing type (fig 34.13) retain lubricate well, but has a tendency to accumulate dirt and chips also. The phenomenon is reverse in encompassed type of Vee slide ways
e. Vee type of slide ways can be seen in lathes
- Characterizes of Dovetail type slide ways
a. Dovetail type is sued where an upward movement of the slide must be prevented
b. Clearance is adjusted by means of single flat or taper gibe strip (fig 34.11) tightening the adjusting gibe strip pulls the sliding members into close contact, thereby eliminating lift and reducing irrational tendencies
c. Dovetail type of slide ways are sued for million machine table. Saddles etc.
- iv. Characterizes of cylindrical slide ways
a. they are
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