Designated Driver Program Proposal Essay

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Designated Driver Program Proposal

?Where there is great pain, there is great motivation for change (168).? This concept in Civic Revolutionaries is exactly what we are trying to prevent by creating a designated driver program. For pain to motivate change, it means that the change is a reactive measure to tragedy. Our hope by creating a designated driver program is to proactively stop college students from driving under the influence of alcohol. The group members for this project are Joey Ham and Lauren Press. For our Community Change Initiative, we?ve found that a designated driver program would benefit the University of Denver community, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administration.
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Therefore, risks like drunk driving are common actions that these students have continued in college.

Another example of how the University of Denver fits the specifications of a community is through the comparison of DU to the ?Five Building Blocks for Successful Communities? by Suzanne M. Morse. In the article, Morse states that ?the evolution of community seems to be settling on two new nexuses: the community of interests and the community of relationships? (230). Various interests have brought people to the University of Denver community, such as academic programs, location, etc. These interests also help individuals form relationships. One consistent relationship builder on all college campuses is the common interest of alcohol consumption. As these relationships build and grow, so too do the amount of poor decisions made while consuming alcohol.

Finally, a third way that the University of Denver demonstrates the characteristics of a community is conveyed in David D. Chrislip and Carl E. Larson?s Collaborative Leadership. Chrislip and Larson state that ?communities must look inward for the incentive and capacity to change? (xiii). Within the University of Denver community, the administration must look at campus specific issues and create change to resolve those issues. One specific change was the creation of the Saferide program. The administration recognized that our location was in an urban city and that many students are
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