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The horizon of gene technology broadens everyday along with the imagination of every human being. Designer babies, a rather amusing as well as a controversial field in science, could one day change the living world. The term ‘designer babies’ is used by people like journalists. A more scientific term would be ‘genetically modified babies’. Designing babies is actually more of a general term as this covers lots of different areas within. There are a number of methods, which are described as designed babies. One is screening embryo to detect any genetic diseases that is present in the child. Once they find the faulty genes they can modify them so that the child is born healthy and doesn’t…show more content…
Some of the physical features that can be changed in the future are the hair color and type, eye color and height. Some believe that it will even be possible to modify babies’ intelligence, personality, athleticism and beauty. An article in goes as follows: “In April 2001 the first genetically modified monkey was born - he was called Andi (representing 'Inserted DNA' backwards). Andi was made from an unfertilized egg into which scientists had inserted a jellyfish gene called green fluorescent protein. This egg was then fertilized with normal monkey sperm. Andi glowed green In ultra violet light, showing for the first time that it is possible to change the genetic make-up of a primate by inserting a gene into the egg.” This clearly proves those scientists aren’t far from changing the physical characteristics of humans and that the concept can be made real. It is also believed that in the future, scientists will be able to prevent diabetes, heart diseases and even life threatening diseases such as HIV. There are a certain number of advantages in creating ‘designer babies’. Firstly, the screening and modifying of embryo’s process can help babies get rid of genetic diseases and have a healthy life from birth; this might

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