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During World War II, Adolf Hitler was determined to create a “master race” of people with white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He believed people possessing these specific traits were superior over others, and that these “superior humans” should be the only people in existence. To put his beliefs into action, he enforced abolishment of those considered to be “inferior humans”, breeding of people who met his requirements, and scientific experimentation to change people’s outward appearances to his ideal. Are modern day “designer babies” any different? After all, they are created by following a certain criteria of what someone wants them to be. I believe that although there are situations in which this science is needed (such as…show more content…
However, the additional genome also made them have a higher sensitivity to pain (Agar, 9). If this method of duplication was performed on humans, would people disregard the proneness to pain and solely be excited to have a more intelligent child? Another method that has been greatly used is IVF (in vitro fertilization). It has been used for “test tube babies”, creating an embryo then inserting it in the womb, mostly for women who don’t have a partner but want to have a child, and for couples who hire a surrogate to give birth to their child (Freely, 426). IVF can also be used to create a child with the mother’s genes and the genes of a person they want their baby to have. If the woman wants her baby to be attractive, tall, and have good health, she can choose a sperm donor who is handsome, 6’2”, and have a great family medical history. Is this process of people choosing their child’s outward appearance and outstanding health ethical? A potential method that has been tested is cloning. In the past, it may have sounded impossible and science fictional, but it has now become very real. The process consists of merely taking a body cell from the person to be cloned (Agar, 17). This method isn’t a good idea if the woman doesn’t want her genes passed on but simply the genes of

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