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James Lillis fashion designer of Black Milk online shop
“A lot of people want to know how Black Milk came to be. Well, it's a long story, full of twists and turns, action and adventures. There are even a few scary bits. But seeing as you asked... why don't you pull up a metaphoric chair around my metaphoric fire and I'll tell you the story of Black Milk... “
When James was young, there was a time that he was broke, and everyone around him seemed to have a great job that they enjoyed, “I was broke, bored and rather cold. At that point most people would have got a job and a beanie, but not I”. He woke up one morning with a desire to make himself a shirt, he went out and bought a second hand sewing machine, and with only $6
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Since 5:30am every single Saturday, James stood around under the sun all day, selling his creations. He was considerably unpopular at the markets, but hundreds of girls all around the world were very interested when they found his clothes through blogging, that soon became much more famous than the tent and so James decided fatefully to make Black Milk exclusively into an online fashion label. “I talked to a few people in the industry who told me I was making a big mistake and that I would go broke within the month. I was told that online selling was only for companies with 'real' shops. But 'real' shops weren't interested in my clothes, so I went online. As it turns out, it was a very good idea. :)”
Within 3 years Black Milk have gained over 15000 fan on Facebook been so huge that the team can’t keep up with the sales and a lot of “sharkies” (Black Milk fans) are getting disappointed on the low reach of the company. James is working as fast as he can with the team to improve his production. Black milk is selling products all around the world, but James himself blogged that the top countries currently buying black milk are
“So what the heck... maybe we'll just go nuts and set up a studio in the US. You only live once. And of course, we will still have our Australian studios and they will keep expanding. :) Of course, it goes without saying that our strict policy about not manufacturing in the third world
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