Designer God

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‘scientific evidence proves beyond doubt that there is no designer god.’ Evaluate this view [30]
Advances in science which have been put forward by some to invalidate the idea of a designer god have on the contrary only confirmed the fact that we live in a unique universe whose specific features cannot be explained as the result of any random process, in which science is still trying to explain. The more we learn about the coincidences in the laws of nature which allow life to exist, the more the universe appears to be less of a coincidence, and more as if it has been fine-tuned for life.

My first point is that concerning the theory of evolution, put forward by Charles Darwin. Darwin argues that our species is so well adapted to life due
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It is because of this science cannot explain how we have gained this ability. This is why Tennant put forward that a designer god gave us this ability, so that we can appreciate the beauty of his creation. This follows on to the anthropic principle, which shows how the universe is fine-tuned for life in such a way science can only explain as a mere coincidence. An example of how the universe is fine-tuned to allow life is posited by Arthur Brown, whom states that ‘The ozone layer and its ability to block out harmful UV rays yet not blocking out heat and light as evidence of design’

Another point is concerning the theory posited from Einstein concerning the big bang theory. This theory, just like the theory of evolution, is widely accepted and may at first appear scientifically just, but further inspection from William Lane Craig, a modern-day supporter of the Kalam argument, sees the theory fall apart. Despite being widely accepted by scientists, philosophers such as Craig have shown how the big bang indicates that the universe has a start, which can then be interpreted to show that is must have a cause. It is because of that that if we follow what scientists say, which is that nothing existed before the big bang, then what could have caused it? The widely accepted conclusion among philosophers is that a designer god must have
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