Designer 's Influence On Children 's Clothing

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Have you ever considered why they use a certain type of fabric for children’s clothing or why they put a certain finish on the piece? The designer has to take into consideration all that a child might be doing and what the consumer, as a parent, will want for their child. The designer has to make choices very carefully as to what fabrics they use, what finishes they will add to the fabric, or even what type of seam that they may use so that the piece of clothing will be able to withstand anything a child might do or get into. When a merchant chooses to display this product they have to trust that the designer has thought through all of these things so that the product will sell; otherwise, the merchant has purchased an item that they will gain nothing from. In the nineteenth century children were very uniquely dressed. It started out during this time period that they were dressed in very plain fabrics, like muslins, but as time progressed they began to use darker and heavier fabrics, like wool, to create children’s clothing. During this time period infants were overdressed in long dresses that were thick. Male and female infants were dressed the same and they wore those dresses year round no matter what the weather was like. Young girls had to wear dresses with rather large skirts most of them went to at least their ankles or even to the floor entirely. Young boys that were five years of age and younger had to wear skirts, but once they were older than five years
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