Designing A 3d Model Of 3d

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III. IS IT POSSIBLE TO VISUALIZE 4D? Some believe that it is impossible for us to visualize 4D, since we are confined to 3D and therefore cannot directly experience it. However, it is possible to develop a good idea of what 4D objects look like: the key lies in the fact that to see N dimensions, one only needs an (N-1)-dimensional retina. Even though we are 3D beings who live in a 3D world, our eyes actually only see in 2D. Our retina has only a 2D surface area with which it can detect light coming into our eye. What our eye sees is in fact not 3D, but a 2D projection of the 3D world we are looking at. Figure III : Projection of 2D image In spite of this, we are quite able to grasp the concept of 3D. Our mind is quite facile at re-constructing a 3D model of the world around us from the 2D images seen by our retina. It does this by using indirect information in the 2D images such as light and shade, parallax, and previous experience. Even though our retina doesn 't actually see 3D depth, we instinctively infer it. We have a very good intuitive grasp of what 3D is, to the point that we are normally quite unconscious of the fact we 're only seeing in 2D. Similarly, a hypothetical 4D being would have a 3D retina, and would see the 4D world as 3D projections. Figure IV: Projection of 3D image It would not directly see the 4th dimension, but would infer it using indirect information such as light and shade, parallax, and previous experience. The key here is that what the 4D
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