Designing A Automation System Of The Appliances Located At Home

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We are proposing a automation system that allows multiple users to control the appliances located at home or in any infrastructure through android application and from remote location. The system has 3 component those are mobile application to send message to hardware, second is server which stores data related to user that can be user id, password, username, mail address of user, which also maintains the update of messages those are sent to hardware, third one is arduino uno kit placed at home or any infrastructure which actually controls appliances.

Keywords: : arduino uno board, cloud, android application, web server.


Generally, when we go out of the house or company or any infrastructure we switch off the light or the electrical equipments to avoid accidents such as short circuit, firing etc. but sometimes we forget to switch off, so to do this we have to come back . This is wastage of time and creates lots of chaos and tension. [6]So to avoid such kind of situation the latest technology coming up worldwide is the smart home technology this comes under IOT. IOT offers huge number of applications in various environments for improving the quality of our lives. Smart home is one in which all electrical equipment around the home technologically automated with highly advanced automatic system. Smart home is useful for everyone and can also be used in everyday life at home or company or any infrastructure. Smart home is consisting of three parts-…
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