Designing A Building A Project Manager

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The first thing I think of when I hear “Interconnected World” I think of a man with an idea. This man is an architect, who wants to build an enormous building. To start the “building process” (no pun intended) he would need to draw out a plan of what this building is going to look like. Using his art skills he would draw out a diagram of what the building would look like inside and out to make sure it is pleasing to the eye. Then he and an engineer would have to use math to scale out the drawing into real life to make sure the building is structurally sound. He would also need to hire a project manager to watch over the project, and he has the responsibility of making sure the project is running smoothly. To begin the actual assembling of the building he would need to get it approved by the city or county the building would be built in. He would also need a lawyer to sort out the legal and political issues. The engineer has to approve the structure and make sure it’s safe for people to be in. Their would also need to be an accountant to use his math skills for budgeting. Once the county approves all of the legal, structural, and money details, it can start being built. Now we can start the building process. In the building process there will need to be a contractor who specializes in construction management, as well as an engineer to plan and make sure it is perfect before assembled. Once the major structural parts of the building are set, they can begin with…
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