Designing A Career For Interior Design

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Growing up, I loved being crafty and making things my own. I would see something I like, and add my own touch to it. I was a big fan of “diy” (do it your self) projects and decorating my rooms to satisfy others or myself. As I got older, my love for these things just continued to grow and I became more interested. I created a “Pinterest” account that inspired me a lot as well. I also had a thing for fashion. Others always complimented me on my outfits and how I always had a “sense of fashion.” Initially, I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design, but in the very beginning of my classes, I knew it wasn’t for me. I was more interested in the decorating aspect, rather than the design part. I took some time to rethink my options and looked into apparel. I knew that I didn’t want to be a designer for clothes but that I wanted to do something along the lines of that and something that involved retail. Eventually, I was set on apparel merchandising because it was the perfect mixture of retail, promoting fashion, and still being able to give my personal input. Ten years from now, I hope to have had accomplished internships with well-known brands and designers as well as a few study abroad experiences. Following that, I see myself working as a manager for a high-end retail-clothing store or owning/co-owning a boutique. I have always dreamed of having a boutique of my own that I am able to display fashions and trends and an assortment of accessories and miscellaneous items that
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