Designing A City From Scratch

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Designing a city from scratch is a remarkable thought experiment but ultimately fails at implementation because we always approach it from the perspective of “how can we create a new city that solves problems of existing cities.” It’s less a process driven by design and more by critique. Urban living has paved its way into modern society, yet the vision for a city has changed over time. Large settlements need planning to grow; yet differences in minds is what leads to the modifications of a city, in return makes a city so unique. Alterations in opinions are what thrives urban life, still these differences are what skews the view of how others see a city compared to myself. They say the eye of the beholder deems beauty; this could explain…show more content…
[1] Explained by this exemplifies that a city should have a foundation for it to grow off of. I do believe this will also be the doing of the citizens that help plan at meetings with communities, yet a good foundation is what will lead to a “good city”. Furthermore, with the influence of citizens, a good city will develop from nothing and will have a sense of cultural background from the past of citizens who live there currently. Culture often can be attributed to history of the people that carry the values they believe in. When these values are brought to a city, this is when a neighborhood can become a stamp for the city it resides in. San Francisco’s Mission District had become a hub for Hispanic heritage and is deemed the best area for Mexican cuisine, along with the invention of the Mission Burrito. Past events can tell a lot about a city, and in return give a cultural background behind it. Culture should not be stern away from when it comes to the development of a good city; these values should influence the citizens of the city to take part in and in some cases embrace as a community. The people that live within this city will shape value overtime and give the city its own style. Promoting a healthy city that invites people to explore their surroundings. I believe in order to accomplish this; the city will be designed with plenty of parks to provide an

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