Designing A Common Web Based System For The University Essay

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Abstract—Student Tracking System is a fully functional and easy to use, integrated, secure web application, designed to meet the unique information management needs for students, faculties and for administrators; providing innovative tools to save time and help them achieve their goals. The goal of this project is to create a common web based system for the university; which would allow administrators to manage programs, courses, prerequisites, class schedules for each department at single place throghout any quarter; and this would allow faculties to monitor students’ academic progress; manage class SCHEDULE; to approve or to decline the students’ permission to enroll in his class; track number of enrolled students as well as number of pending students for enrollment, to post assignments, to view students submitted solutions for the assignments or homework ; to post the grades and assignments through this web application and also allowing students to view their current quarter class schedule, grades, assignments and assignment scores, and also allows them to register classes. Not only this, but students can also obtain guidance regarding the courses to be taken based on the priorities such as Prerequisites, Core courses or Electives. Additionally, the system provides a secure file submittal system, through which students can submit assignments or homework in electronic format directly to instructors.
Keywords-web-based system; e-learning; student tracking
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