Designing A Company For The Car Industry

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Revival is a company I own for four years now. It’s been a family company since 1963, so it has a lot of sentimental value to me over the years. Basically what this company does restores old classic cars and rejuvenates them. The shop was owned by my grandpa, then pass on to my dad. Unfortunately, my dad passed away of cancer, so he inherited the company to me because he knew I would still continue to keep Revival functioning properly. I like to preserve my company the way it is, as how it was first step up back in 1963. It just reminds me of the old memories when I first used to give a hand around the shop. I remember learning skills from my dad, on how to make business agreements with customers. The day I knew I wanted to work in the car industry, was when I first bought an 1950 Aston Martin for $1600 because the guy was paying too much for parking space a month. As a matter of fact, I told him what does he prefer, continuing to pay for rent or get rid of the car for once. That’s the day when I first bought myself a car for an amazing deal. The market value for Aston Martins are significantly higher once it’s all refurbished. Ever since then, I noticed easy potential money in the car industry.
Our company employs about six professional mechanics that are remarkably qualified for their job. Each and every one of them are talented on their one way and bring success to the company. To be a automotive mechanic it takes a lot of passion, patience, and knowledge to able to…
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