Designing A Corporate Level Of The Renaissance Of Classical Literature And Early 21st Century

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Graphic Design, often referred to as visual communication, “is the transmission of information and ideas using symbols” as defined by author David White. Type design and page layout began in the Renaissance of classical literature and continued through the work of Italian humanists. However, Design on a corporate level did not begin until the years after world war two. Following the war, “good design is good business” was a major theme and the driving force for the future of the industry. Giovanni Pintori was a designer at Olivetti, an Italian manufacturer of typewriters, computers, and now, tablets and smartphones. Pintori’s designs were simple and enabled designers to convey messages and ideas to a viewer. CBS, an American commercial…show more content…
Gold states in his essay “Taking the Robots to Design School”, that this approach is used to “analyze typefaces and typographic trends, and generates type pairing based on what the computer has learned”. Gold’s work gives us a taste of what is expected for the future of Graphic Design. Studies suggest that the designer’s role will change with the creation of new machine-learning technologies. Executive creative director at SapientNitro APAC, Clair Waring, agrees that “a designer’s role will evolve into one of directing, selecting, and fine tuning, rather than making.” Designer’s will no longer create artwork; they will conduct machine’s by selecting concepts to push them further. Designers will no longer be directly connected to the visual output of the work. Even though it is probable that technology will be able to mimic the design process of the traditional graphic designer, it is still uncertain that it will be able to replicate and produce aesthetic value that can be transferred into feelings of luxury, harmony and elegance that a traditional designer can. A study analyzing the personalities of graphic design students from the University of The State of Mexico, concluded that the designer considers usefulness and wellness of others during their creation process. Designers were defined as

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