Designing A Curriculum For A Preschool

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There are many components that must be taken into consideration when designing a curriculum for a preschool. The primary focus is to create an appropriate early learning environment; followed by implementing a curriculum designed to meet the children’s individual needs. According to the Florida standards for the VPK program (4-5 year olds), designing the right environment will help children enhance their personal, and academic development. It is crucial to design a developmentally appropriate environment, in order to help enhance a student’s cognitive, social, and language skills. The environment should consist of: ample spaces, props for dramatic play, development of a schedule that assures a balance of activities and choices,…show more content…
The first one is Urie Bronfenbrenner theory, it was developed to explain how a child’s development is influenced by their environment. I strongly feel that a student’s development is greatly influenced by their family (Mesosystem), the community a child lives in and the school(s) they attends (Exo-system), Society (Macro-system), and Life changes (Chrono system). As teachers, it is important to take these factors into consideration to best meet the child’s personal developmental needs (Child Development Theorists: Major Theorists Of Child Development, 2015). The second theory I would like to take into thought when designing a curriculum for pre-k classroom is Erikson’s theory. He believed that children’s personality develops through different stages; starting from infancy. The first stage is the Trust vs Mistrust stage. Children during this stage develop a sense of trust, through their experiences. Children learn to form secure relationships, and attachment when their basic needs are met with consistency. Through the trust vs mistrust stage, children enhance their social, and emotional development. I believe that it’s important to take this theory into account when designing a curriculum, because if the student is going through social and emotional challenges, they would not be able to focus on learning. The teacher can help customize the curriculum to first help the student overcome their social/ emotional issue. Erikson’s second Stage, Autonomy
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