Designing A Curriculum For A Preschool

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There are many components that must be taken into consideration when designing a curriculum for a preschool. The primary focus is to create an appropriate early learning environment; followed by implementing a curriculum designed to meet the children’s individual needs. According to the Florida standards for the VPK program (4-5 year olds), designing the right environment will help children enhance their personal, and academic development. It is crucial to design a developmentally appropriate environment, in order to help enhance a student’s cognitive, social, and language skills. The environment should consist of: ample spaces, props for dramatic play, development of a schedule that assures a balance of activities and choices, and opportunities for teacher observation and (learning, 2015). My ideal curriculum will be a blend of different philosophies, and theories, designed in correlation to the Florida state’s early learning standards.
I excel a passion to guide, and teach pre-k, than down the road of my career, I would love to teach kindergarten. Age group (4-5 years old) would be ideal! Children of this age group acquire an ambition to learn. They are curious of their surroundings, and environment. My goal for my pre-k classroom would be to develop a curriculum that will meet the student’s interests, abilities, and needs, as well as help enrich my students Physical, Socio-Emotional, and Cognitive development.
There are two theories in which I would like to…
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