Designing A Custom Home For Building A New Home

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The customer is looking to build a new home in the Clarksville, Tennessee area and wants the construction completed by August 2017. The customer has requested a project proposal from Wilson Construction, Inc. for architectural plans to construct a custom home consisting of 4500 square feet. The main objective of the new home project is to design a quality custom home that meets all stakeholders’ expectations while fitting into the surrounding area to allow the market value to remain fluent with other homes in the area. However, the general contractor has undergone several labor changes on previous contracts to include several sub-contractor changes and three different design architects. Furthermore, this is the customer’s first home building experience and is unaware of the construction industry and all the intricate details that go into building a home. Therefore, the combination of the contractor’s labor changes and the customers’ lack of knowledge and scope can promote conflict. There is a correlation between the effectiveness of the communication of the project manager and the customer and the project quality and overall customer acceptance. Lack of communication can lead to a numerous of problems (Conrad, 2014) to include lower quality and rework further leading to scope creep, cost overrun and/or schedule slippage. In most cases, if the homebuyer lacks the knowledge of the building process, they forego control of their investment, and looks to the general contractor as…

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