Designing A Design And Building Health Care Facilities For Higher Efficiency And Sustainability

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In the past 15 years, modular constructions are widely used in all kinds of new buildings. Architects prefer the way of built and design because of the sustainable and economic performances. Also, it is an ideal way to improve the variability of a project significantly to adjust to the development of the urban and growth of the population. Texas has the best health care facilities and medical research institutes in the world and keep growing rapidly for decades. It should be a promising design practice to apply modular construction to design and build health care facilities for higher efficiency and sustainability. Although many researches had done in both filed of design, there are only a few attention on strategies to combine them…show more content…
The built environment should be as importance as the building process (Guenther, 2009).

As the trend of healthcare architecture research and design, sustainability is researched by scholars. What is more important, the theory should be tested and practiced in planning, designing and constructing. Varied strategies have been worked out by world wide designers and constructors. Modular construction and design is one of the thousands of strategies. A research done by Wu (2014) analyzed the ecological performance of modular constructions. By criteria of the LEED, charts and calculations were finished to prove sustainable performance of buildings. Also, the author summarized how modular construction works. First, designers should figure out specific rule to determine the modular decomposition. Then, each modular was designed individually by sustainable standard. At last, the modules would be combined together and test the function requirement (Wu, 2014). The author also mentioned that a green building technology modular system could be built up by combining with the theory and the characteristics of green building technology system. Obviously, it is a unique way of design using modular as thinking and design method, also can be called a theory, to meet the sustainable requirements. As a kind of construction method, modular construction itself has own features including sustainability. A book
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