Designing A Design Services For Sprinkler Systems

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You asked the following questions: “We have a storage arrangement of large wooden boxes stored on top of each other to approximately 20 ft. The boxes are filled with household items of Class III commodities. Section 5.6 does not specifically address this commodity. Would Class III be a proper description of this commodity? Would Chapter 14 be appropriate to determine density? Specifically Figure with high temperature sprinklers?” In response to your questions we have reviewed NFPA 13, 2010 edition that you indicated as the applicable standard. Our informal interpretation is that there are few questions that we are unable to answer; unfortunately, yours is one of them.

The protection criteria will have to be discussed with the authority having jurisdiction. I 'm sorry, but we are not able to provide the basic system design for this facility for several reasons: First, there are design considerations that were not provided such as the classification of contents in the storage containers; secondly, we do not perform design services for sprinkler systems; and thirdly, is related to the liability assumed by the designer. Finally, it 's outside the scope of the bylaws for the association. Our informal interpretation service is available to answer specific questions about the standards governing the sprinkler industry. These questions often address design issues, but they are applicable to a specific portion of the standards and can be applied by anyone with a…
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