Designing A Different Design Issue

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When it comes to architecture and design, some people may immediately think of creativity and analogy. So, such saying has already become more and more hackneyed, as to most designers and architects, the convention, creativeness, innovativeness of a piece of design are the essence that makes it becomes productive, and such qualities are indeed has a intimate relationship with analogy.

Analogy is a comparison among two different things, especially for the intention to explain or to clarify something particularly. When it is in terms of architecture, designers and architects use such a method to convey, point out and transmit factors of a resolution for one design issue to the resolution for a different design issue. Such chosen factors of the designs can be constituents or the connection in between constituents on architecture have surveyed and investigated the usage and value of analogies in coming up with resolutions to design issues in the abstract stage of the process of a design. Analogy design can be analyzed and explained with the “4W questions” procedures – why, what, how and when. It is always fruitful to understand a topic or a theory and thus to process its related information about something specifically, and this works well with analogy design.

Firstly, the “what” question can be referred as the transmitted subject matter, information or knowledge, such as the transmit of the understanding of the heat flow process from a single situation of design to the
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