Designing A Garment From A Technical Drawing

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Designing has always been my expression way through different channels like painting, illustration, puppet making, costume design creating a garment from a technical drawing. Briefly, I have started learning the meaning of design term as a narrowed down topic that comes from the visual, sensational and artistic side. In the art and design disciplines, there is no need asking other 's opinions to complete an artwork. I mean Leonardo or Picasso had never asked help from someone else to finish his painting, as far as we know! Also, in the art and design schools, no one could get help to finish his project because, it counted as plagiarism, so this situation grows individualism.But at the same we need to grow observation ability to get inspired. When I get in business life as a fashion designer, I need to be in collaboration with different types of people who come from different backgrounds, such as buyers, manufacturers, pattern makers and so on to get the job done.It has positive and negative effects, for instance, I can learn different things from different people but at the end I need to apply people 's decisions such as buyers or investors with my own technique because, allegedly they exactly know the last year 's best selling items and there is no need to submit something different from the current designs, otherwise it will be ' 'risky ' '. From the fabric to the design everything stays nearly same just to keep selling without any risk. But, instead of complaining

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