Designing A Linux Server And A Pfsense Router

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1.) Goal The basic fundamental objective of this lab was to set up a basic network which includes a Linux server and a Pfsense router. The basics were implemented so that the following labs can build off of the original architecture in order for there to be a base topology to work off of. First a router was installed with Pfsense and both is NIC’s were configured. One NIC was configured to connect to the local area network and the other was configured to connect to RIT’s servers in order to connect the virtual network to the World Wide Web, and act as a relay for the Linux server. The Linux server was configured to run the desktop interface in order for ease of usage, and a wiki server was installed and so was monitoring software 2.) Procedural and Informational Documentation For the most part I followed the procedures documented in the guide PDF that was provided with the lab the only deviations were I used Opsview for the monitoring software. Step by step, I first installed and configured the Pfsence router and connected it to the WAN and local area network. Then I installed and configured the Linux Red Hat server. Finally I installed the MediaWiki for the wiki and Opsview for the monitoring solution. The wiki which includes all the basic instruction for maintaining, installing and configuring all the software is contained on the Red Hat Linux server. The username for The Red Hat server is: “pxg6044” and the password is: “password” The name of the VM on Rlesvcloud is

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