Designing A Mathematical Model For Interpersonal Relationships

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Personally speaking, I think the definition of hobbies is that someone prefers do so than go to sleep at night. In that case, I listed my hobbies as below. One of them is doing math problems. It is a pleasure for me to solve those intriguing problems. Every time I solve a problem that was challenging to me, I feel very happy for the self-achievement. Even if it occurs at a deep night, I will get refreshed by the ecstasy. I was only four when I first tasted the sweetness of math. At the high school, this interest has extended to the enjoyment of modeling, because constructing a model is arduous too, whereas a good result brings really a lot of happiness at the end. Much related to modeling, my research problem in 2015 is to construct a…show more content…
With programming skills, I finished a number of projects, whose success facilitated me to continue on my work. For instance, I celebrated my ten-year-old birthday party by successfully constructing a program that could either produce or solve sudoku puzzles. On that day, the program gave me a puzzle, and solved the puzzle itself. I considered this gift as more memorable than any other one. In my high school, I made a software that helps us reciting English vocabularies by a technique similar to flashcards. The advantage in efficiency makes it better than the latter. The software, for example, supports data importing while flashcards do not. In addition to the improvement of manual efficiency, the software expressed a strong enhancement of the users ' speed of reciting words, aka., the effectiveness. It was based on the forgetting curve proposed by Hermann Ebbinghaus, which quantifies the interval between each repetition of memorizing process. I made a little adjustment to the values, and set them as the time intervals between the repetitive appearances of a word. In this sense, the word repeats again and again, and deepens the memorization every time. The memorization becomes very deep using this strategy. I made a comparison between the efficiency of reciting vocabularies using the traditional methodology and using this program. The result was that both in one hour, the traditional way could only make me fully recall approximately 120 words, whereas the program
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