Designing A Model Of Industry Acceptable Design And Implementation

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Develop HTML5 enhanced, Google SEO ready website used to represent a model of industry acceptable design and implementation.

Student: Duncan Tembo Banner ID: B00200303

Supervisor: Mark Stansfield

Moderator: Dr Abel Usoro

Chapter 1 Introduction 3
Chapter 2 Background Research 4
Chapter 3 User Study of Existing Solutions 5

The aim of this project is to develop a model website that can highlight certain design and developmental issues present on many given websites. The aim is to present these issues in a meaningful way to the owner of the website, allowing them to quickly and easily address them and, consequently, improve the usability, product promotion and user return rate of their website, whilst ensuring it is of the highest possible industry standard.
The main objectives identified at the outset of the project were as follows:
• To formulate a model which a non it-literate website owner can use to easily analyse and enhance the process of improving various aspects of their websites.
• Effectively portray a host of issues, and their severity such as navigation, colour choice and font size problems found in a website, in such a way as to be meaningful to the website owner and allow them to take adequate steps to solve these issues.
• Adequately provide Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques required for better search result listing with sufficient…
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