Designing A More Productive Manner During Construction Equipment

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In order to perform any task in a more productive manner during construction, equipment must be used. Depending on the scope of work and the size of the job more than one piece of machinery may be used; the model, size, and people operating the equipment will differ too. The equipment, personnel, area, and project factors may be different for every job but they all share a common factor, risk. This factor aids contractors to determine the type of equipment to choose and the supplier to provide the equipment for the project as well.
Choosing the right equipment for the project is a major risk the contractor must be able to handle. They must analysis and completely understand the project; such as understanding the type of soil to be hauled, graded, imported, dump, and stored. For example, if there is sand and gravel that needs to be hauled from the project a tractor loader will be used to transport the material off the site (pg113). In this situation the contractor must be aware of the distance the material will be hauled, the road conditions and the traffic conditions. If the the road is usually highly congested during the construction the contractor risk of not having the availability of the equipment when required, thus lowering his/her production rate (pg 107). A lower production rate affects the schedule deadline; the money is also being spend poorly.
Another factor to consider is the type of work the contractor performs through various projects, what do they…
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