Designing A Mousetrap Powered Device

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The purpose of this project is to design and construct a mousetrap powered device that could move a hacky sack along a rectangular track 2-meters wide x 15-meter long. The device must not be powered by any outside source. It must be a product of creative and innovative solution with the application of the fundamentals of engineering. The device must also incorporate the five solution criteria; novel solution (device must be surprising), effective solution (hacky sack should travel at least 15 meters), elegant solution (device should be simple and understandable), germinal solution (opens up new ideas) and lastly the creativity of the device. This project also aims to help develop the capabilities of each student as a team member in a group work activity.
2 Creativity in Design

The team started the process by doing individual research and drawing a design plan for the most ideal device to build. We started brainstorming and suggested several ideas of devices, such as, a three wheel and a four wheel car, a catapult device and a flying mousetrap device. Afterwards we have come up with several factors to consider in choosing which device to build. These are as follows;

• It is simple and easy to build
• Must have enough force to carry the hacky sack for more than 15 meters
• The materials needed are cheap and easy to find
• The device must be aesthetically pleasing but must remain to provide sufficient functionality
• Most of all, must incorporate the five solution criteria

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