Designing A New Computer System

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Case Study 1
Three friends have asked me to configure a new computer for each one of them. The first one is a gamer, and she needs a competitive gaming system. Another wants to purchase a computer for her home office where she has a small travel agency company, and the third would like a notebook or laptop computer that he can use for schoolwork. Each one of my friends has a $2000.00 budget to create the perfect computer system for each of their needs. First, we will create the perfect gaming system for my friend in need. With the gaming system we will be starting from scratch. First things first, obtain an AMD FX6350 6 core processor. It is able to run games at high settings, and there is not much difference between AMD’s and Intel’s in gamming performance except for the price. This processor will work great for the gaming system at only $149.00. Next, let’s get the motherboard. The ASUS Sabertooth X9 motherboard is great for overclocking. It is designed with only the bare essentials around the socket which is pretty ideal in keeping it clean. It is specially designed to run cooler, longer, and stronger. This happens to be essential in the gaming world. This particular motherboard will run about $285.00. Now our next component is designed for entry level or hardcore gamers alike. The Crucial Ballistic Sport 16GB is designed for faster speeds, timings with lower latencies than the standard memory. This component of the gaming system will run about $149.00. Moving right…
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