Designing A New Design For A Distributed Operating System

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As the Chief Information Officer working in my business, I will be proposing a new design for the current network to attempt to improve the quality and productivity of 250 client computers and 50 servers. My first decision would be to opt to change the system to a distributed operating system (DOS). I would choose this course of action because instead of centralizing all the resources on one server, which could lead to problems in the event of a hardware failure, you could distribute them across multiple instances decreasing the likelihood of system outages, and making errors easier to deal with (“Definition of Distributed” n.d). Although this model will be much more expensive to implement, I believe that it will lead to better growth in the future. The reliability of the network will be increased, which leaves room for improvement, adding more client systems, or even servers. Updating the operating system to a distributed operating system will increase the overall size and reliability of the database for subscribers to use. The current server operating system would be Windows Server 2003. I’d make minor changes to the server operating system upgrading to a later version like 2008 or 2012. I chose Windows over Linux, MAC, and other server OS because I think its performance is suitable for this type of environment. Windows itself has a high support for most functions (Janowski, 2003). While Linux is a good operating system, getting support in my opinion would be
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