Designing A New Generation Of Software

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Dan Fylstra and Peter Jennings in 1978 formed “Personal Software”company in order to market software is for radio shack, Commodore Pet and Apple computers. Similarly in 1979 January Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston formed “Software Arts”. An agreement between personal software company and software arts to provide royalties to software arts of 35.7% of revenue on direct sales and 50% off revenue on OEM sales. A product named VisiCalc was deployed Software Arts in 1979 and marketed by Personal Software Company, generating revenue of $882 thousand. In 1982 the profit grew to $22.6 million (Andrew, 1984). In early 1982, with an objective to develop new generation of software including fast switching, data exchange, common simple interface,…show more content…
In the process of transitioning the executives of the VisiCorp either neglected marketing aspect or left the company. Leaving of executives like Mitch Kapor, Ed Esber, Richard Melman, Roy Folk, Don Farrow, Steven Weyl and others created a instability in the management of VisiCorp. These leaving executives did not just quit the job rather moved on to newer companies or created their own companies which will direct competitors of VisiCorp.
The final battle: the final mistake VisiCorp made was to file amended countersuit on software arts and refused to accept VisiCalc advanced version of the (VAV) for IBM (Richard & Julia, 1984). Software arts immediately filed its counterclaim on the ownership of “VisiCalc”. VisiCorp agreed to pay $500,000 in disputed royalties on the usage of name “VisiCalc” on most of its products in market. Software arts formally received VisiCalc as its trademark, consequently dispute between VisiCorp and software arts finally settled down outside the court.
On the same battleground Microsoft was new emerging software giant which was in direct benefit of VisiCorp failure. Release of Windows 1.0 in November 20, 1985 with Lotus 1-2-3 of Lotus Company was considered most advanced graphical interface spreadsheet application. Popularity of Lotus 1-2-3 started demise sequence of VisiCorp eradication (Andrew, 1984). VisiOn system of VisiCorp, estimated to be the next flagship with advanced features-advanced
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