Designing A New Logo For The Company

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The name-change to Bayerische Motoren Werke compelled management to devise a new logo for the company, therefore the famous BMW trademark is designed and patented at this time. However, they remained true to the imagery of the previous Rapp Motorenwerke emblem (which was designed by Karl 's brother, Ottmar Rapp). Thus, both the old and the new logo were built up in the same way: the company name was placed in a black circle, which was once again given a pictorial form by placing a symbol within it. By analogy with this, the blue and white panels of the Bavarian national flag were placed at the center of the BMW logo. Not until the late 1920s was the logo lent a new interpretation as representing a rotating propeller. The BMW Trademark, called a "roundel", was submitted for registration on the rolls of the Imperial Patent Office, and registered there on 10 Dec 1917 (The original emblem)

In 1933, BMW introduced the 303. Larger and more conventional than the AM-series 3/20, the 303 used BMW 's new M78 engine, making it the first BMW automobile to use a straight-six engine. The 303 was also the first BMW to use the "kidney grille" that would become a characteristic of BMW styling.[17] The 303 formed the basis for the four-cylinder 309 and the larger-engined 315 and 319, while the 303 chassis supported the 315/1 and 319/1 roadsters and the restyled 329.
The 303 platform was supplemented and later supplanted by the 326, a larger car with a more rigid frame. Introduced in 1936,…
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