Designing A New Positioning Strategy Essay

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There are two alternatives to LRNA’s positioning problem. The first alternative is to maintain the dual positioning strategy as originally outlined by the CEO. The dual positioning integrates the concept of “the definitive family 4X4” with “a logical evolution of the legendary Land Rover”. This tactic aims to tailor the model into a versatile family vehicle, targeting modern families in demand for a reliable and trustworthy SUV. It also emphasizes on the evolution of Land Rover, subtly using the impact of the successful Land Rover to influence consumers’ perception, and stressing the word “evolution” to induce consumers’ comprehension about the new Discovery, making consumers understand that Discovery was not only as good as the Land Rover, but also updated and transformed to satisfy desires for creature comforts. The other alternative is designing a new positioning strategy based on the model’s competitiveness and target market. Taking into consideration the situation analysis above, this alternative can be cutting off retail price and going for mainstream instead of the current niche strategy. There are also two alternatives to the company’s retail strategy problem, with the first one being switching to free-standing Centre stores, and the other one being holding on to dealership franchising. The decision criteria for the alternatives are divided into financial, economic, operational and social impacts. So in the following discussion, alternatives will be evaluated on

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