Designing A New Product Or Software

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When developing a new product, a design team must have a solid purpose for the creation in question. The product is being created to serve a purpose, whether it is to fix a problem of an existing product by creating a new model or to tackle a new challenge altogether. The most important step in developing a new product or software is the design process. When a company releases a new product to the public it often looks to see how the public responds. Two companies that have become top tier businesses from developing new products, as well as improving on the base that has already been established, are Apple and Microsoft. Both companies have their own operating systems that have gone through a rigorous design process. Many people have a preference to using MacOS or Windows operating system, and more often than not, there are problems within the software that need improvements. Both companies have developed their own design process to ensure the best version of a product is released to the public. The design process is a critical point in development between designers and users; it allows for the designers to understand the audience it is reaching and what that audience is looking for. The design process has several steps before the launch of a product or installment of a software. The process must start with the user and task analysis understanding what the product is going to be used for and what the day-to-day operations are of the people using it (McCracken, 2004). The
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