Designing A Non Gender Baby Clothing Line

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A fashion designer is a person who has the ability and talent to express their vision. Fashion design has been around since the 19th century, and so has gender fluidity. The goal as a fashion designer is to solve the ambiguity of gender specificity beyond the fashion industry. There are three ways to solve this problem: Designing a non gender baby clothing line, Designing non gender specific baby decor and last but not least I will choose neutral color palettes that will include pink and blue but are not limited to a specific gender.

First, I will prove that societal influence is a real thing. It starts early, usually as soon as the mother realizes that she is pregnant. Once she finds out the gender immediately the separation of boy and girls starts and the coercing begins. It is very interesting how mothers or just people in general never question the establishment. Where is it stated that a boy must wear blue and a girl must wear pink. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but rarely does anyone question this age old influence that society and the media has set for the masses. Even in terms of furniture colors, white is usually reserved for girls and brown for boys. The only bias is as it relates to baby furniture is usually the basinet.

The real question is what happened to neutral clothing. According to Jo B. Paoletti, a historian at the University of Maryland and author of Pink and Blue: Telling the Girls from the Boys in America. Prior to the mid
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