Designing A One Stop Shop For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The mobile application is filled with different applications for practically any purpose that a user would need something for, from ordering car service to checking up on social media outlets, there is an application for it. A virtual entrepreneur mobile application is a great application to bring into the mobile market. The idea behind the application is to create a one-stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs who need assistance into building their business form the ground up. This application main task is to assist users in the steps of getting their business off the ground giving them access to tips, tools, and resources that will allow them to successfully start a business. The application will be called “The Startup” since it’s assisting users in starting up their own business. The target users for this application are for particularly for college students ages 20 and up. According to, The Kauffman Index: Startup Activity National Trends 1, in 2014 the highest rate of new entrepreneurs entering the market by age was the 45-54 age group by 26.6%. The rate for age group 20-34 was 24.7%, which isn’t far from the highest rate but this rate has gone down since 1996 when the age group was the highest with 34.3%. There has been a decrease in new entrepreneurs ages 20-34, as we have entered the millennial time it has decreased. This decrease is because college students and young adults leave school and go start into starting their own businesses and is having trouble getting
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