Designing A Possible Future Career Path

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1. Introduction. 1.1 What Is Within This Report? The purpose of this report is to explore the question Who Am I? Through this research study will contain an overview of why interior design has been my intended choice to study and how it could be a possible future career path. Also included will be a summary of both my skills and how these will help within the future career alternative, and the skills needed to achieve this. Along with this will be a review of the design discipline currently and what is intended for interior design in the next five years, this will also cover designer’s philosophy and a comparison between my own and theirs. Furthermore, these findings will then lead me to conclude on what’s yet to come for the future of interior design is and how my design philosophy will be changed if necessary to fit the needs of the future of design. 1.2 Research Methods Using a wide range of research methods through this report to investigate and determine what my future career option is. Image analysis will allow me to research into design companied that coincide my own design philosophy. By using interviews to discover first hand more about the future of interior design ad what it currently stands at from a professional standard. Also the use of a foot traffic method to determine if other designer’s philosophy is true through their actual designs. As well as using secondary research such as the internet, books and newspaper articles will develop my understandings
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