Designing A Product And Operation Procedures

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In terms of future career, the case study equips me with the knowledge necessary to design a product and operation procedures that brings the best out of the entity by offering consumers non-compromised products and services. Value adding draws the difference between the best organizations and those that are lagging behind. Today, technology is a highly essential element of the business setting. It changes with every wake and consumers would like to know that their favourite entity is doing enough to stay at pace with current trends and ensuring their convenience. Through value adding procedures such as building a brand and ensuring consumer convenience, a company is able to create daylight between itself and competitors. The role of…show more content…
Other projects where I can manifest my knowledge in as far as adding value is concerned are projects related to boosting consumer loyalty and building a good market share. Therefore, it is imperative that I don’t look at the case study as something that comes and go, but as something that provides me with knowledge necessary to handle future projects that I might encounter in the course of my studies. What I have learnt since the first case study and how I would have improved the learning experience?
From the first case study, I have learnt various elements of the external and internal business surrounding. In terms of external environment, what stands out is the significance of external environment scanning in the day-to-day entity operation. What stands out in as far as the internal environment is concerned is the role that adding value plays in the modern business. What I would have done differently during the process is an analysis of more organizations and industries. Conclusion drawn from a wider scope of information sources is more reliable. Therefore, an improvement to the earning experience would significantly involve increasing the number of organizations and industries covered. Other learning would involve direct interaction with experts in the field of external environment scanning and adding value. This will avail a more practical overview of the two.
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