Designing A Product Or Service The Goal

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When creating a product or service the goal is to do something new, do something better, or do the same thing cheaper. Not only does3D printing creates things in a new way but it also does it faster and for less money. According to 3D printing “is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file”(What is 3D printing?). Whipsaw is a successful Industrial Design and Engineering consulting firm from Silicon Valley California (About Us - Whipsaw). Whipsaw designs and creates many assortments of products for many well known companies including Dell, GE, Google, Intel, Motorola, Nike, Samsung, and many more (Whipsaw Triumphs in 2015 German Industrial Design Competitions). Whipsaw has many awards and…show more content…
Price is a key component to making this technology accessible to companies and people everywhere. If the technology is too costly then industries cannot be expected to use the product and make profit. It wasn’t until 2009 that 3D printers became available to the public (3D Printing History). As the technology progressed the prices continued to lower and made the 3D printer more available to the average consumer. According to Hongkait you can purchase small affordable 3D printers starting at 100 dollars and under 1,000 dollars (Voo). Present applications and development 3D printers have the ability to do more than just make prototypes for a design company. There are medical, automotive, food, electronic, and many more uses. The 3D printer can create weapons, prosthetics and implants, pieces of vehicles, toys and plenty of other amazing things (What is 3D printing?). One of the most amazing things about this technology is its ability to create something, as you need it. It can cut down on time and get rid of any shipping previously needed. The automotive Industry was one of the first industries to adopt the 3D printer. A good example of this is the well-known company automotive company Audi. Audi has yet to use the 3D printer in their production lines but they are getting close to that reality. Recently Audi created an entire car using just a 3D printer and it ran smoothly (Koslow 2015, November 13). What automotive companies

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