Designing A Professional Company Image

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A purpose of a webpage is to inform and persuade customers about joining their gym also to promote a professional company image. The Purpose of the webpage is to provide customers with 24/7 information about the company and services it offers. Marketing can be a purpose of a web page, strategies such as discounts offered to customers who visit the website can increase the company income and customers join. Each company is promoting themselves through different colours, layouts and text. The purpose is to promote a professional company image so the general public will come to know more about the company and what it has to offer to its customers. My Webpage will contain images, videos and music to meet all the required purposes of to inform…show more content…
David Lloyd does not, straight away, talk about membership but shows a picture of however. Fit for Free doesn’t use an advertising banner however they have long images on either side of the page. The left side picture does not show any facilities just a blurry picture of a person’s back which customer’s won’t be too pleased to see as it does not show any facilities at the gym also reflects a bad image on the company failing to promote a professional company image. The right hand corner picture shows a women doing exercise but her facial expressions can inform customers that she is not enjoying the facilities therefore fails the purpose of persuading potential customers joining. There is small image next to the ‘welcome to Fit for Free’ message. LA Fitness use no images so therefore they won’t have to worry consider about ethnicities and age group. However this may be a disadvantage because the customers won’t be able to see the facilities available at LA Fitness. David Lloyd and LA Fitness use coloured text boxes to inform people therefore it is easier for people to understand rather than in paragraphs however using coloured text boxes may seem childish but it gives it a professional look. On LA Fitness once you have selected the membership option your total amount is displayed in their house style colours black and blue. Whereas, this feature cannot be found on Fit for Free or David Lloyd
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