Designing A Professional Company Image

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A purpose of a webpage is to inform and persuade customers about joining their gym also to promote a professional company image. The Purpose of the webpage is to provide customers with 24/7 information about the company and services it offers. Marketing can be a purpose of a web page, strategies such as discounts offered to customers who visit the website can increase the company income and customers join. Each company is promoting themselves through different colours, layouts and text. The purpose is to promote a professional company image so the general public will come to know more about the company and what it has to offer to its customers. My Webpage will contain images, videos and music to meet all the required purposes of to inform and persuade especially promoting a professional company image. It is vital to create a professional looking flyer or potential customers might choose other gyms to join.
Layout and presentation style:
All three webpages have logos on their navigation bar and they all have it in the left corner.This is strength as it promotes brand recognition which is a vital part of a company’s growth. Below their logo they all have their navigation bar. A navigation bar is a user interface within a webpage that contains links to other sections of the website; the navigation bar is the main template for all websites. Navigation bars are an advantage because it’s the first thing people will see so therefore they can efficiently navigate their way through…
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