Designing A Reality Game Show That Goes By The Title Of Quickwitt

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OVERVIEW OF THE BUSINESS The objective of the business is to produce a reality game show that goes by the title of QUICKWITT. This game show would include participants from Universities and Colleges. The show would be based on one minute mind games that would judge the participants level of aptitude. The participants with the best score would be declared as the winners and would also be awarded with prices and gift vouches. Secondly, the best participants chosen from each university would compete in the grand finale of the QUICKWITT. We anticipate positive response from the youth and plan to cover around 50 colleges and universities from Lahore, Pakistan. The participant completing the task in the minimum time period would be declared…show more content…
MARKET ANALYSIS Prime objective of producing this show successfully is to stay fully aware of the marketing trends and the regular information about the industry and its history. It is pivotal to understand and analyze the industrial impact in the particular industry as the show is related to entertainment industry. Around 20 different game shows were analyzed to determine the fate of ours, as the above-mentioned game shows were similar in sketch. Two of popular programs were SPRITE FUNDA and LIVING ON THE EDGE, these shows have successfully targeted the youth but they somewhat failed to capitalize the market in the growth terms. We believe that our execution would go as planned and we can successfully fill the vacuum in the industry. TARGET MARKET: QUICKWITT will be targeting the youth industry by focusing on colleges and universities in the initial time periods. The age would fall between 16 and 28 years old. In our initial stage we would be targeting the youth from Lahore, the data collected by our team suggests that we would have to shuffle between 28,000 individuals. However, we would be setting up arrangements for 3 to 400 students as audience from the participating institution. The target market of Lahore is flexible and elastic, as it comprises the majority of youth population of the country. Description of Venture The objective is to provide optimum experience of a Television based game show for college and
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